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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Sweet Award...

So yesterday I was checking the old bloggo and saw a comment from my sweet Heartfelt Creations design teammate, Olga, telling me she had something for me on her blog... well, it was this very sweet award!  Now along with getting this award I had to pick five people whose blogs I enjoy, pass the award onto them (just right click on the award and save it to your computer) and state what I liked about them.   Then, and this was the real hard part, I had to write five things about me!  Yikes and double yikes!  Anywhoo... here is my list of five:

Brenda:   I "met" Brenda through the Hero Arts Flickr group.  Her sweet comments and beautiful cards always make me smile! 
Natalie:  Another Flickr friend who I have gotten to know better over the last several months and I'm so glad for it!  Natalie is so very sweet, so very talented and so very generous!  
Barb:   If you have spent any time hanging out with the Hero Arts Flickr group then you know who Barb is... just the sweetest member of the group.   Always leaving comments full of encouragement and praise!
Heather:  Yep... another Flickr friend!  Heather's ability to put fabric and cardstock together is nothing short of magical!  She constantly makes me wish I had a sewing machine!!
And last, but not least:  Elise!  I did not "meet" Elise through Flickr, but just by sheer serendipity!  She has become a very dear friend and probably my biggest cheerleader when it comes to cardmaking.   And to top it all off... she is one fantastic papercrafter! 

So... thank you ladies for making this papercrafting journey I'm on so much more fun!!  Now... on to five things about me:
1.  In my "other life" I'm a legal assistant and I absolutely love the legal profession!
2.  I have a cat named Cleo and we both have thryroid issues!  (how funny is that???)
3.  I have never lived anywhere but my hometown of Tacoma, Washington.
4.  My absolute favorite movie is the A&E version of Pride & Prejudice (I could watch Collin Firth all day long!).
5.  Ribbon is my favorite embellishment.

Thanks for taking a peek....


susanne said...

Congratulations Rosemary! What a sweet surprise for you! :) Pride & Prejudice is one of my favourite movies too!

craftieodmae said...

well aren't you sweet, and you are so welcome! Ribbon? I never would of guessed!!!! LOL

Brenda said...

Oh Rosemary! You are just too sweet! Thank you and also congrats to you for getting the award! Ok, now I have accumulated a few of these and have tried desperately to sort of avoid it, but I will have to post now, I think I will put them all together!
I think I could ave guessed the "ribbon" because you make the most wonderful bows!

Isha Gupta said...

Sweet Award Rosemary. Its so nice to get to know you better.

Nat said...

oh wow Rosemary, this has made my day big time!! Thank you for your kind words and I loved reading these five thing about you!! :) I would be delighted to post on my blog and pass this beautiful award along too! Huge hugs, Nat :)

Elise said...

YOU are soooooooo cute! This TOTALLY made MY day, as well! I am truly {red cheeked!} honored to be in this fine, fine group! PLUS, your sharing was DARLING! You are NOW, always and since the very beginning, one of my MOST precious treasures of the blogging experience! Sharing this crafty ride with you is one of the BEST parts of my day! {I ALWAYS know that you will have done SOMETHING craftilicious on a daily basis! - THAT'S one of the things that makes you hero status EVEN brighter!!!}

I love you, Rosebud!

stampingandstitching said...

Congrats Rosemary and thank you so much for your lovely words:) I loved reading more about you - #5 is the only one I could have guessed! I've loved Pride and Prejudice since I read it in school and I agree Colin Firth was a rather nice Mr Darcy!